Review of "Flies On Oranges"
by Massimo Salari at Rock Impressions

Recently I ran into various "One Man Bands" and I must admit that they manage to produce excellent works.
Mute Albino is a Belgian multi-instrumentalist, lover of a refined kind of Progressive Rock. His real name is Stef Vanstiphout.
His music often reminds of the soft and unobtrusive sound of Camel, but many seventies bands belong to the cultural background of this artist.
Mute Albino holds in his style many fragments of various bands with whom he grew up, like Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, Yes, Pink Floyd, 'old-style' Genesis and many more of that kind.
He highlights harmony more than technique, and cleverly avoids an excessive heavy sound.

Our artist takes delight in a solely instrumental music conciliating Prog lovers and music lovers in general. He chose this name because there aren't any vocals in his songs and because he is glabrous.

In this album we find eleven tracks for a total lenght of 37 minutes.

Opens "Simmetria Francese", a song inspired by a self made film about a vampire some time ago, shot in a French cemetery.
Like I said, melody is fundamental in this artist's sound, and that comes out very strongly with the guitar during the successful chorus.
More grievous sensations are evident in "Paris In Veil", where keys become more important, following the guitar's lament. For a while you can also hear a sitar.
Personally I'm struck by "Elsie's Philosophy", song inspired by a friend of Stef, Pink Floyd lover, and peace in general. So there's a more vintage sound, coming from some '70s rock, Camel 'in primis'.
Airy sensations float in the air, told by Stef's guitar. Surely this is a little pearl for all music lovers.

Odd-time signatures in "Proxy Nails" and guitar in evidence.
A pity that drums are - let's put it this way - 'electronic', the only instrument not played live. Nevertheless, natural warmth is added with good results.
Songs in "Flies On Oranges" are never too long, there aren't any long suites. On average, tracks are a little more than three minutes long.
There's a blues and arab music crossover in "Therapeutic Depressions", with an unexpected result wich reminds me of some Pink Floyd's passages! However, here, - as always - peacefulness and melodies are in evidence too.

Sounds near to a moderate Jazz can be perceived in "The Mole's Vision".
The title track is a piece that I would define 'hoary', because it was written by our artist in 1979 and dedicated to his girlfriend. It's obviously centred on guitar riffs and chords that chase each other, they catch up and depart, for an optimal outcome of the hearing.
We listen to other [odd-times] in "Zetafreuh", while the mediterranean "The Waiting Room" closes this album that flies away in a few moments.
So we stand in front of a new artist trying to say something with elegance and historical culture.
Excellent modern music can be made perfectly having deep roots in time, the most important thing is to support it with personality.

Massimo Salari (Rock Impressions)

Review of "Flies On Oranges"
by OMB at Progressor

MUTE ALBINO is the moniker chosen by Belgian multi-instrumentalist and composer Stip Vanstiphout for his musical endeavors. He released his debut album “Flies on Oranges” in the summer of 2009. This is a creation made up of compositions he has written over the last 30 years.

Analysis. I'll have to give Vanstiphout credit for one thing here: He's made an album with a sound and stylistic expression pretty unique. The individual elements are all familiar, but the way they have been assembled on this venture does place his work in a niche unfamiliar to me so far - which is a nice surprise. When that is said, this isn't groundbreaking material. For many this effort will sound pretty similar to many other creations, and I guess it takes a real hardcore fan of some specific subsets of music – or a reviewer – to catch the more subtle leanings of this excursion. Melodic, dreamy instrumental pieces are the name of the game on this release, where the guitar is the central and dominating instrument. As with many other studio-based solo projects Vanstiphout utilizes the opportunity to add in multiple instrument layers of a variety probably impossible to pull off in a live setting, and it is the guitar that gets most of this treatment. Sometimes light and dreamy and at other times distorted and fragmented – even dark and gritty on occasion – the guitar soloing leads us through the musical universe of this Belgian artist. Underscoring the dominating instrument layer we find the bass guitar and drums, the latter pretty often with a neat jazzy tinge to them and very well programmed, while keyboards or synths sets up a melodic backdrop barely audible except on select occasions. In between these elements several toned down guitar layers are added in, fragmented backdrops, mellow wandering passages and also drawn out riffs pretty often – the latter effectively used to provide a dark underlying layer adding tension and contrast to the compositions without ever dominating or being insistent either. Indeed, this is a subtle creation. Richly textured soundscapes with subtle dissonances in a stylistic expression somewhere in between the lighter side of instrumental fusion, dreamy excursions that might make you think of Mike Oldfield, and laid-back instrumental guitar ventures being the third style approached on this album. Personally I found this to be an intriguing effort overall - nothing that will write itself into any history book when the year 2009 is to be summarized but a fine release nonetheless.

If instrumental, melodic guitar-dominated art rock of the lighter variety is something you appreciate this recording is one you might want to become more familiar with. Well made with richly textured creations, this is an album that will appeal to those who enjoy fine melodies, yet also appreciate subtly dissonant and challenging elements to be discovered on closer inspection.

Review of "Flies On Oranges" album
by WindHawk at Progarchives

Mute Albino is the moniker chosen by Belgian musician and composer Stip Vanstiphout for his musical escapades. In the summer of 2009 he released his debut effort Flies on Oranges, a venture made up of songs constructed over the last three decades.
What's served on the 11 tracks that make up this first effort are guitar-based and -dominated composition; featuring multiple layers of guitar patterns of various expressions, blended with melodic bass passages, slightly jazz-tinged programmed rhythms and toned down, subtle keyboard and synth layers in the back of the mix.

Fluent and melodic, yet also containing subtle dissonant elements, the tunes have just about the right amount of tension to stay intriguing. And despite the apparent light and melodic touch dominating these excursions, darker mostly underlying patterns sees to it that this effort isn't one to be regarded as an easy listening experience - even if the challenging aspects of the album is subtle and hidden rather than up front. All in all a good effort. ^

Review of "Flies On Oranges" album
by Michael Popke at Sea Of Tranquility

Mute Albino: Flies on Oranges
When we receive CDRs slipped into homemade paper envelopes, we're always a little leery about what we're about to hear. But the 37-and-a-half minutes of moody music on Flies on Oranges — an 11-song demo by one-man Belgium band Mute Albino — left us nearly speechless. In a good way, despite some odd production quirks that allow for mid-song fades and abrupt, incomplete endings.

Stip Vanstiphout may or may not be an albino, but he doesn't sing — which would make his musical alter ego an apropos name. He lets his guitar do most of the talking here, with dreamy and visual songs that boast captivating titles like "Therapeutic Depression" and "Welcome to My Head." From the spacious guitars on "Elsie's Philosphy" (reminiscent of David Gilmour) to the heady fusion-istic title track to the heavy undertones of "The Mole's Vision" (the album's most cinematic cut), Flies on Oranges is an unexpected treat.

Added: September 22nd 2009
Reviewer: Michael Popke
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Review of "Flies On Oranges"
by SingRing at Progressive Ears
(CD Reviews->M)

Mute Albino is a one-man musical project of Dutch multi-instrumentalist Stef Vanstiphout. He cites some prog greats and a lot of world music and jazz as influences, but I am pleased to find that the majority of Stef's debut CD Flies on Oranges sounds quite original and unique - no obvious signs of parroting to be found.

The music is all instrumental but diverse - moving between more modern, percussive and melodic poles. In terms of instrumentation, the guitar is front and centre and carries most of the pieces while being backed with a classic rock ensemble sound for the most part. The album opener “Simmetria Francese” is honestly one of the most charming and relaxing instrumental pieces I have ever heard and deserves special mention. Other tracks, like the more driving “Paris in Veil”, “The Mole's Veil” or the title track are a bit less conventional and more jazzy with some definite fusion and symph-prog sprinklings. “Omerta!” is another good example of this with its atmospheric sound effects and Hammond organ.

As the album goes on, things do start to sound a bit samey, most likely due to the very uniform guitar tone throughout - changing up the instrumentation is essential if the focus is not on instrumental prowess and while Stef is a competent instrumentalist, he is no virtuoso on a six string and most of his lead playing is restricted to simple melodic arcs with few dynamics. Another problem is presented by the more obvious problems with production value. I can imagine that recording and producing a whole album on your own is a challenge, but the extreme amplifier buzz that is heard throughout the Floydian “Therapeutic Depression”, for example, definitely intrudes on the listening pleasure and in today's age of de-noising and digital recording technique is surprising.

Overall an enjoyable instrumental album that is hard to categorize, but combines a lot of the staples of fusion, prog and jazz in a pleasing melange that may not be replete with instrumental fireworks, but contains its fair share of pleasing and engaging melodies and ideas. The opener alone is worth giving this album a try! ^

Simmetria Francese reviews^

Composed in 1989, re-arranged in 2005, influences: progressive music generally, Yes
[Best Bass in instrumental Rock, week of 02.05.05]
[Best Melody in instrumental Rock, week of 02.05.05]
[Track of the Day on 08.05.05]

i'm dancing
well, this song is pretty wicked awesome. has a cool 80's vibe to it and i really like the drumming a lot. i'm shaking around my apartment and really enjoying the laid back feeling. very complex song and that is at times hard to do with instrumental rock. the guitar work is really great and the bassist has a nice laid back approach that is not distracting.... good work! keep up the rawk..........
- - pastelite from Brooklyn, New York

Cool Groove
Oh yeah, the bass tone is right on. The playing is great. It definitely gets my attention. The guitars sound great too, excellent melody being expressed. The notes on both guitar and bass are interweaved so precisely, this is the kind of music I really dig. There's so much harmonization and complex progression to take in. The arrangement is great, it's not boring it all, it kept me interested. Great work, I love it.
- bhodges01 from Stillwater, Oklahoma

Melodic and Different
This mid-tempo guitar-based instrumental straddles the line between jam bands, classic rock, and Satriani-like modern sounds. That's certainly a different type of instrumental than you normally hear. The guitars weave in and out of some interesting riffs and licks, while the bass and drums hold down the groove. It actually ends much too soon (at 3:13) - this song could easily hold the listener's interest at twice the length. One problem with the recording is that it seems to have been uploaded at a very low volume, which might be a negative distraction to some listeners. Nevertheless, this is good work. Imagine a cross between Satch and some early Hot Tuna instrumentals, and this type of sound would be the result. Unique!
Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood, Originality.
- SteveSL35 Mount Laurel, New Jersey May 16th, 2005

Instrumental Rock review
This song has a very dominant opening passage. And as my speakers are not up very loud im guessing it was mixed that way intentionally. Guitar - The guitar seems to be the main point of focus here, and with good reason. The guitarist(s) seems to have a good grasp of the instrument. It makes me wonder how much of the piece is written down, and how much is improvised. Bass - An almost funk feel at times, the bassist plays away from standard root note performance, but does not over power the guitar. Drums - Man or machine? Im not sure. The fills are bang on each time with no wavering Very nice song.
Extra Credit: Guitars.
- OnlyTwice Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland May 16th, 2005

The guitars have tasteful chops, the tone sounds good. The drums are solid. The songs sets a dreamy mood. The production could be better, the drums sound a little dry.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood.
- skeeboknight Macon, Georgia May 14th, 2005 

Interesting beginning
I like the beginning of the song and the melody is strong throughout as a guitar player nice note choice and all just a little typical
- 4stringer Alburtis, Pennsylvania May 12th, 2005

Laid back with a cool atmostphere
The introduction creates a very laid back, mellow atmosphere. The melodies fit very well with the backing track and are quite memorable. The time changes help to pace the track. The guitar phrasing works effectively over the main chord changes. Great to hear a few unison guitar lines. Can't really think of any band to compare it with, maybe a laid back Vai? The bass and drums are pretty solid and complement the lead lines well.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody, Coolest Chill-Out Track.
- nftaylor79 May 10th, 2005

Instrumental rock 15
Very clean recording, levels were all mastered well, guitar sounds somewhat like Joe Satriani, drums have a good feel to them puts the listener in a mood to want to hear more...
- BigAlZ Dallas, Texas May 10th, 2005

nice mix
the production sounded great to me. i also liked the mood and direction of the song. it was really beautiful in its rock way. no vocals makes it remind me of a hendrix-ish type tune. -the rawkasaurus
Extra Credit: Guitars.
- rawkasaurusrex Spokane, Washington May 9th, 2005

Laidback tune
I got a happy feeling from this tune. Nice soloing over a good arrangement. Maybe a change in mood somewhere in this song could increase my the interest a bit.
Extra Credit: Mood.
- JackMadeja Malmoe, Skane, Sweden May 9th, 2005

Allman Brothersish
Nice sounding guitar intro. I appreciate the fact that this is an instrumental composition, rather than guitar fireworks over a couple of chord changes. It has a little Allman Brothers vibe going on. I actually I found myself that a piano part would work well int he piece. The ending (fade out) did not give the feeling of a conclusion to the piece.
- Jeffn1 Dix Hills, New York May 8th, 2005

Get yourselves a really intense singer. I think your music would be great for it. The lead did start to get boring. Again... A vocalist.. Do it!!
- rara_avis Lismore, New South Wales, Australia May 8th, 2005

Fairly straightforward guitar-rock instrumental
Like the sound of the bass. The guitar is well played but maybe a little unoriginal. Drums are well done. Overall, kinds sounds like a lot of guitar-based instrumentalists I've heard before, but nice work as a whole. Maybe try pushing for some different moods over technicality, focusing on the feel of the song as a whole.
- Motosota2 Anderson, Indiana May 3rd, 2005

Very cool tune. I like the changes, and the fact you are keeping things fresh. The recurring theme really brings things back, and keeps the tune resolving nicely. The key changes work well, and you have a great way of building up tension. Thought it ended a little weak tho, would have loved to have seen it climax rather than peter out, but all in all a good tune.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody, Mood.
- sheikers Perth, Western Australia, Australia May 1st, 2005

Nice production
A nice pro sounding production. Clean recording and well balanced mix. The only thing is that maybe it could use a little warmth on the post-mix production, or perhaps on the guitar. The overall mix sounds a little trebly, and the guitar tends to overwhelm things occasionally. The composition and arrangement is very good. Nice interesting parts that flow well together. Original sounding, without sounding strange or foreign. Very accessible themes. The guitar parts have very good melodic content, which I really like. The bass and drums have lots of movement in their parts, and do well following and supporting the guitar. Overall, a very nicely done rock instrumenta. Good job. Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody, Originality.
- nwenigma Plano, Texas May 1st, 2005

very nice
this intro is great...and I'm immediately impressed with the groove in this tune. The drums are solid, and well connected with the bass. (nice bass tone by the way)...the breaks are cool, and nothing is overplayed...the tune cruises along, and just has a really nice feeling. I really of the better tunes I've heard on garageband!! Keep up the good work!!
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Melody, Beat, Mood.
- Neilbatterie Santa Cruz, California April 29th, 2005

feel good song
This song has a good feel. I really like the melody. I also like the dual guitar harmonies in it. The triplets on the ride cymbal sound pretty good as well. The overall arrangement and mix sounds perfect, maybe the bass could be a little louder but that's about it. There is a good bass line in the background if you listen carefully.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass, Production.
- rockytriton April 29th, 2005

Awsome begining
This song is awsome...i really dont feel like typing much even though this song deserves it! You guys rock so keep it up, and send me band information anytime!
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality.
- Rockin123 Geneva, Illinois April 28th, 2005

Beatle-esque Harmonies And Rythms...
Guitars: I really like the Harmony guitars. They sound like BEATLES vocal harmonies played on guitar...very cool. The playing is precise and varied...great phrasing! Arrangement: The arrangement is fine. I really like the drum breakdown carries the song in my opinion. I like the way you play the intro theme four times instead of one...the bass is good enough to pull it off. Balance: Fine here...I really can't see why you would change anything...
Extra Credit: Melody.
- Sonic_Man Buras, Louisiana April 27th, 2005

Therapeutic Depression Reviews ^

Composed and arranged in 2002, influences: Pink Floyd
[Best Production in instrumental Rock, week of 23.05.05]
[Best Beat in instrumental Rock, week of 23.05.05]
[Track of the Day on 31.05.05]

Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality.
- DrDane Beaumont, Texas May 16th, 2005

Take me to Pink Ployd
Liked the transition from the intro. Guitar took me to Pink Ployd a little after that. The rythym suited. After a while the lead enoyed the sences a little. Maybe too overpowering at times.
- rara_avis Lismore, New South Wales, Australia May 16th, 2005

I like that intro a lot. Cool stuff and nice breaks in the flow, they make it interesting. I'm hearing some excellent bassmanship on this tune. There's some pretty good lead guitar work as well. I think this tune is very balanced, there's plenty of open space but it sounds like there's some fuzz or something hanging off in the background, possibly just an effect. It sounds okay. I like the mood of this tune, very chill and groovy. Great work.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass, Mood, Coolest Chill-Out Track.
- bhodges01 Stillwater, Oklahoma May 15th, 2005

smooth rock
This has sort of a smooth jazz kinda feel but it's more on the rock side. The volume is too low, the guitar work is ok, but nothing amazing. It's pretty much your every day blues guitar soloing.
Extra Credit: Mood.
- wuming Dundalk Sparrows, Maryland May 15th, 2005

Guitar Solo
This sounds more like Steve Vye stuff. It's good guitar work. I'm guessing that's what you were going for. In listening to the whole song, it looks like the background tracks are all synthesized (i.e. protools) Acoustic has always been a favorite of mine. I don't know where the song goes, it just fades.
- Motosota2 Anderson, Indiana May 14th, 2005

It's nice after constant reviewing to listen to some talented musicians. The guitarist is good, you can feel the guitar. Overall i really like it.
Extra Credit: Guitars.
- lifeamongghosts May 13th, 2005 

Fade in, Fade out, not fade away
This song creeps in with a crunch guitar singing some sustain a la Satriani and keeps at it until the end fade. Mood--Let me put it this way. I'm in Seattle and it is BLOWING outside...wind swaying the cottonwoods like leafy pendulums and rain coming down sideways. This song is a perfect statement to what mother nature is up to outside...alternating fits of raw power followed by lulls that will catch you thinking sunshine right before kicking the wind again. I'm not quite sure what "balance" refers to, but if it is the mix of the guitar, drums, bass and keys, then I'll say your production is tight. No one element is overbearing another...except for the lead, but that's exactly what it should be doing. On that note, the lead playing is not unlike a good Satriani instrumental...precise runs and nice nuance work. The tone is appealing, although they could give it a little more treble bite in some places to really cut through and punctuate the nuances created. As is, it's ready for instrumental radio and give these guys big ups for a song well done.
- darron_arch Seattle, Washington May 22nd, 2005

Original Very original!
I love how the lead guitar is full of feeling and happiness. Balance is good except for the rythm being a little to quiet. Its hard to describe the mood but it is happy and lively. Superb Job!
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Programming, Production, Mood, Originality.
- DadAndy San Francisco, California May 21st, 2005

pink floyd vibe
This is a very nice song the mood is quite good. however the guitar sound is too similar to david gilmour to make you an individual. work on a more individualistic tone and you will be on the road to greatness. also it would be nice to add some quirkiness to keep the listener attention.
Extra Credit: Production.
- dtr Laval, Quebec, Canada May 21st, 2005

Fantastic fade up for the begining and melodic pleasent guitar solos in minor chords that give the piece nostalgia feel, good balance of instruments and harmonys, bass lines simple and well performed,it's a good songfor driving in flat soil.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood, Best Feel Good Track.
- LeChive Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela May 20th, 2005

Good other then the Intro Fade In
Wasnt crazy about the intro fade in,. But when it kicked in it was fine,. Almost gave me the feeling of there being a lack of an intro,. Once song was in place and groove was happening it was cool,. Lead guitar is played well,. Good tone and sound,. Balance is good, good mix. The mood is caught in-between the major minor feel,. Which leads alot to the imagination,. Changes are cool,. Like how it picked up around 2:00 into the song,. Great job,. Good luck with it,.
- WiredPirate College Parkway, Florida May 20th, 2005

nice cool intro
nice feel,guitar has good phrasing,nice space with the notes,has that santana vibe cool
Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody.
- geetear Pinole, California May 19th, 2005

ProxyNails reviews ^

Composed and arranged in 2003, influences: Yes, early Genesis,
[Chill-Out Track in instrumental Rock, week of 02.05.05]

instrumental review 5
Very Well Balanced song, guitars have a clean sound when it's needed and the right amount of distortion. Drums sound really tight...Nice Lead break...This is song with alot of feeling in it the recording level is excellent. Nothing negative to say about this track.
- BigAlZ Dallas, Texas May 10th, 2005

The Floyd Vs. SYD...
Lead Guitar: David Guilmore would be blushing. I think one of his "Soaring Bends" would fit right in with what your doing... Arrangement: The arrangement is fine...generates interest throughout. Balance: Fine to my ears...
- Sonic_Man Buras, Louisiana May 2nd, 2005

Nice tune
A nice instrumental piece with a good thoughtful mood to it which I really like. Lead guitar? Very nice. It has a nice warm distortion to it, and is played very well. Good melodic content to the lead. I should also mention the rhythm guitar, which sounds really good. The rhythm guitar has a pretty strong melodic content to it as well. For example, the bit that starts at about 0:21. Very nice. Arrangrement? Also very good. Good blending of the guitar parts, while still contrasting with each other very well. The guitars actually harmonize with each other the way vocalists might do. A nice sound. The balance? Needs a little work. The recording in general sounds a little thin and distant. The whole mix needs to be more full sounding. As for the balance, the drums and bass seem too low in the mix. They should be brought up some, not enough to overpower the guitars, which are the lead instruments here, but enough that the bass and drums are more present in the mix. Otherwise, a nicely written and well played instrumental.
Extra Credit: Guitars.
- nwenigma Plano, Texas April 30th, 2005

very different
this one caught me off guard. It was very original sounding. I loved the overall feel of the track. The lead got a little loud in the mix at times but that would be a minor adjustment. Really nice track. Soothing I would say is the would for it. Good job
Extra Credit: Mood, Originality, Coolest Chill-Out Track.
- MightyMav Everett, Washington April 28th, 2005

nice feeling
this tune has an overall nice feeling to sounds a bit muddy production wise...some nice guitar stuff...good arrrangement...i'd like to hear a little more drums in the mix.
- Neilbatterie Santa Cruz, California April 28th, 2005

nice guitar playing
I love the keyboard intro to this song and I really like how the drums kick in. It has sort of an off time feel to the main beat which sounds really cool. My only complaint with the drums is that the cymbal hits sound very weak, it sort of sounds like there is no bass drum hit when the cybals are hit. I really like the main guitar theme to this and then how it goes to the half-time feel which first occurs at 0:21. The bass level needs to be increased some, it's very hard to hear. I like the guitar solo which starts around 0:50, I like the use of chords in it.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Mood, Originality.
- rockytriton April 28th, 2005

heard of 'camel?
this is a great mellow tune which reminds me of u.k. seventies progressive rock-which i love! nice guitar sound and playing-maybe an acoustic picking could fit in just for some 'variation. nice breakdown of passages with a classical feel.excellent.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Melody.
- minkhollow Hammersmith, London, United Kingdom April 28th, 2005

Nice Change ups!
Very etherial material here! You go to some very interesting places with the minor/major chord changes. A good listen, thanks...
Extra Credit: Guitars.
- stringman3 Parker, Colorado April 27th, 2005

song starts of pleasantly enough, too much of the same sound, a bit more variation would hold the attention more,lead guitar was well played but would liked to have heard a bit more variety.
- DMSM33 April 26th, 2005

Yes the lead guitar is great and has good arangement. Ilike this one because it sounds like you worked hard to get the pieces to fit meaning you just didnt slamit together.this one gets an A+because it took me on a cool Journey to Musicland.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Melody, Mood, Coolest Chill-Out Track.
- chongofontain El Cajon, California April 26th, 2005

love the lead!! very cool fun stuff the arrangement is good a nice balance between everyone good work guys
- Highhorse New York April 25th, 2005

Start Arrangement is well thought out and imaginative. Counterpoint and circular riffs going on. More progressive than the usual instrumental fare. Balance is fine, more panning might make it more interesting though. Good song but could have use more dynamics, contrast and a lead solo where you show us what you got in contrast to the melodies you played. As is you left me wanting more.
- xandal Indianapolis, Indiana April 25th, 2005

Lead is tasteful.
The leads are tasteful, a little cliche at times, but they work. The arrangement was pretty bland, no real changes or variations. The lead work was good, but the overall song writing needs work. You need something that really highlights the lead. Something that presents it on a silver platter.
- groovelight April 24th, 2005

Nice Production
I liked the mix. The arrangement was decent. Remeniscent of a watered down King Crimson or Brand X. It could use a good extended solo. Had a nice guitar tone.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Production.
- bubbsta_31 Fort Wayne, Indiana April 24th, 2005

Cymbal laden nice flowing melodies...
I like the changes and the build up...try using one hi hat sound thru out...It sounds like a canned drum and the tune deserves either a pro programmer or a real drummer
Extra Credit: Mood.
- Klissy Santa Rosa, California April 22nd, 2005

i like the build up at the beginning a lot. at a few spots through out the song the two guitarists leads clash, dont mix, and drown out each other, but like i said thats just a few times, for the most part you guys did really awesome at mixing in the two leads and it sounds very very polished. congrats
- jazzbasslb75 Roanoke, Virginia April 19th, 2005

This is new.
This song is a bit of a groovy indie rawk jam it sounds like..i like the Balance very muc.sounds like how it look live ya know?Great guitarrin'i quite like the melodic rhythm line the most..
Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood, Originality.
- Battleship Ethel Hamilton, Ontario, Canada April 18th, 2005

Kind of a Pink Floyd vibe at first ...
then it changes. This reminded me a little of Blue Oyster Cult. The drums are nice and crisp. I could hear all the instruments perfectly, which isn't often the case on here.
- pattiman Concord, California April 15th, 2005

The intro is pretty good, I like the mix of intruments, some of the guitar work reminds me of Queen. It is pretty good, The guitar lead is alright, nothing special but doesn't need to be. I like the outro fading too.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Melody.
- dizfunktion Lantana, Florida April 14th, 2005

Guitar for everyone
Lead guitar: very different, I like it. Very clean playing. I like all the guitar parts here. Arrangement: Good phrasing on all the parts, good setting of different moods, good use of effects, not too much to distract from the feel of the song. Balance: well balanced in my opinion. separate guitar melodies in each ear as well as centered lead. Some light synth strings in the background might give it a fuller sound. regardless, I enjoyed this one very much...
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass, Production, Melody, Originality.
- S_L_Stone Skowhegan, Maine April 14th, 2005

In a word: "Yes"
This is two songs in a row I've heard that remind me of "Yes". Same band? Possibly not. Anyway, I'm loving this track. It's solid, all the way around. The lead guitarist sounds kinda like Steve Howe, playing notes that Chris Squire (bassist) would play on the bass while the bassist holds down a good groove -- VERY interesting. (Both of those guys are from "Yes" btw) The guitarist also reminds me of Alex Lifeson (Rush). Good tone on that bass by the way. I like the change around the 1:10 mark. The progression and arrangement == solid. Very cool. I like the mix on this tune especially well; little mysterious guitar sounds in the background. The intro and outro happen rather abruptly. The intro comes in unexpectedly, and the outro begins unexpectedly. I'm not knocking it, cause it was probably done intentionally and adds some originality to the tune, and not to mention symmetry. Good job.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Melody, Beat, Mood, Originality.
- bhodges01 Stillwater, Oklahoma April 12th, 2005

Omerta! reviews ^

Composed and arranged in 2004, influences: The Godfather
[Best Production in instrumental Rock, week of 28.03.05]
[Chill-Out Track in instrumental Rock, week of 28.05.05]
[Track of the Day on 05.04.05]

surfing with the aliens
I like how the guitar starts,then drums come in with the solo.Drums are to low in the mix as is the bass(if there is one).My speakers aren't the best but I have a hard time hearing the low end. Beautiful lead. It needs an outro, the fade out seems premature,another chordal change at the end and you got a fine instrumental piece.
- rjottoboni Portland, Oregon April 4th, 2005

awesome lead guitar
interesting bass melody..into an awesome lead guitar reminant of Gilmore...harmony guitars always sound good especially if done right like these guys...could use more melodic arrangements and different parts to make it a much better and more unique sound.
- oodumus Boston, Massachusetts April 2nd, 2005

robert fripp with iron maiden,maybe
dark sounds,the guitar chord work and the bass are maybe better than the solo.the piano arrangements are good,well done but try to make soething elese with them.the guitar chords have some kind of fripp feeling.the song doesnt have a clear hook,but it works well because it hase some kind of relaxing feeling into this kind of progressive touch,the song ends quite soon,so i think this is a demo or take,try to work harder because the chord progression is really fine. good luck
Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood, Originality.
- Windmill Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain April 2nd, 2005

Nice overall feel and sound of guitar
Guitar well recorded (direct in?). The first drum sequence is panned a bit too much to the right. The dual drum sequence is a nice touch..but you really don't need one main sequenece. The dual lead guitars sound fantastic. Very well done guitars and decent production
- EminentBliss Dayton, Ohio April 1st, 2005

nice first note...
it's nice to see a 2 and a half minute instrumental!! I like the feeling in this song, laid back with some sweet dueling guitars. The timing between the two guitars is a little sketchy...careful with that. Good chords, which lead to the laid back mood. The balance between the soloing and the rest is a bitt off, but great track, it kept me awake, and that's all i ask of an instrumental...keep reviewing instrumental rock!!!
Extra Credit: Originality.
- mikeschurko Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada March 30th, 2005

Theme for a Don
The dark sounding, heavily effected intro reminds me of Satriani just a bit. The fretless bass sound fits well with it. Bass is actually the best part of the intro. Drums sound fake when they kick in, all on one side. There's some improvement at about 1:07 when they start to pan back and forth. Balance could be better in the first part. They still lack energy and sound fake. Suggestions: hire a drummer or put some volume envolopes and effects on the drums to try to cover the machine-like sound. Guitars are good, nice double leads, kind of feels thematic, like this would be good in a sad part of a mafia movie. The arrangement sounds like one idea overdubbed onto another, it's brevity is a saving grace. Piano is a nice touch, definitely adds to the cinematic feel. Chord structure: the chords are dark, but everything goes together and it all fits the mood of the piece.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards.
- tiedyeman Sonora, California March 29th, 2005

Nice work.
Specific elements requested: 1 - Chord Structure - Rhythm guitar tones are very nice, and your choice of key centres works very well. Refreshing to hear something outside of I,iv,v Harmony lines add to the overall soundscape nicely. 2 - Arrangement - Very natural progression without becoming generic or predictable. As mentioned above, the use of sparing harmony guitars has added to the piece. Lead guitar comes in nicely - shame it fades out but I suspect this is deliberatly asampler for feedback only. 3 - Balance - In terms of mix this works very well - all the intstruments are clear and audible without trying too hard - bass is prominent but I like this and feel this is no accident. Well produced - wouldn't be unhappy hearing this on a CD. Overall a pleasing listen, with bass as a stand-out moment for me.
- Luke_Rake Prince Risborough, Bucks, United Kingdom March 29th, 2005

this song is weird, but i liked the guitar i can get the melody though, but it got what i like alot guitar !!! it gave me the taste of "let it go" at the end with the fading, i liked it 'cause was different, and for me that's waht metters ...
Extra Credit: Originality.
- julio_maristela Marlborough, Massachusetts March 28th, 2005

This would make great background music on CSI :) Very laid-back, dark, moody atmosphere. Melodies and harmonies are haunting and the bass/finger-picked guitars fill in the background nicely. On top of that, there are a few little production tricks that i'm really liking; namely: Panning the ride and hats opposite to each other creates a great stereo groove. The only thing this song really lacks is a climax of some sort but as background music, it's a great little ditty.
Extra Credit: Mood.
- DrunkPig Ottawa, Ontario, Canada March 28th, 2005

Nice guitar-bass interaction
The musicianship is nice, but this song just really doesn't seem to go anywhere. The guitar work is terrific, But I don't know if that is enough to carry this song with no vocals. The chord structure is decent, but again, as far as arrangement, it just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. And the fade-out gets two thumbs down.
- ECSean Louisville, Kentucky March 27th, 2005

nice work!
beautiful guitar work, really draws me into the track. nice work over all. the chord structure reminds me of an old alice cooper track. great production values and arrangement. nice work! i wouldnt change a thing, good job!
Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Melody, Mood, Coolest Chill-Out Track.
- nellis556321 Ossining, New York March 27th, 2005

Yada Yada
Nice song. I bet it would sound a lot better without all the effects, and how about spending some time and writing an ending.
- aAvisoo Tacoma, Washington March 27th, 2005

Very nice arrangement
The things you asked about, chord structure, arrangement, balance, these are certainly among the strengths of this track. The arrangement is very tasteful. A nice intro with guitar and bass, setting up a dark laid back mood. Lots of movement in the bass part, very melodic, and as a bass player I love to hear that. The fingerpicking on the guitar is very clean and tight, obviously a talented guitar player, then when the drums and lead guitar join in, it takes the same music to a whole new level. There is a great progression that follows in the lead and underlying chords. It never gets boring. The different instruments all have parts that contrast well with each other, but still blend with each other. The whole arrangement sounds very rich and full, even with the relatively few number of instruments. The whole thing is written and laid out very well, and the balance of all the instruments in the mix is just right. I can hear all the parts with no problem, but nothing overpowers anything else. Very well done. Sorry I don't have much constructive criticism, I just don't hear that much wrong with this track. Good job.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass.
- nwenigma Plano, Texas March 25th, 2005

I do not think that the opening compressed-sounding lead guitar works with the breathing rhythm section. Soon though, the lead opens up and breathes like it should. The image I get while listening to this is somebody stuck in thousands of gallons of molasses, methodically breaking free. I believe that this image lends itself to a problem facing this song, which is this: The song sounds more like part of a bigger song than a song in and of itself.
- talltxguy33 Killeen, Texas March 23rd, 2005

Floaty …
very well produced sound,, Nice bold yet creepy melodies on the guitars.piano is a nice touch.. the feel seems to have a sinister action about it,,like after something quite dark or nasty has happened in a movie .
Extra Credit: Production, Melody, Mood.
- Dethkit Pointy Biro, North Wales, United Kingdom March 22nd, 2005

I like the somber mood created by this song. All the musicianship is great. It builds up to a nice thickness toward the middle of the song. The dual guitar lines compliment each other very well and add a great fullness to the second half. Sounds like a funeral song from a movie. The production is great, you can hear everything in the song. I like the progression to the arrangement of the song. Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood.
- thevelcrosecret Houston, Texas March 22nd, 2005

i really liked the guitar melody.chord structure is complex just enough of kilter notes to make it unique.the arrangement is fine considering the length of the song.the balance of sounds,very tasteful.the guitars were outstanding.good work
Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Coolest Chill-Out Track.
- aladdinsane Louisville, Kentucky March 21st, 2005

Great Structure
This is a very nice sound, and hangs together well. I think you just about got the balance between the various instruments about right, but since you asked for specific comments on that I would like to have the guitars less smooth and more in your face. This of course being a personal choice for as it stands the song is quite sleepy, which if that is the intention is cool.
- guitar4u Bedford, Beds, United Kingdom March 21st, 2005

A cool idea
Totally cool intro. I thought the bass line really added to the arrangement instead of just "backing it up". I think the drum machine needs to be moved to the center of the mix. I also think that the guitar melody was a little bit of a disappointment, especially since the intro is so strong. It sounded like a few "safe", "in key" notes were found and the player just stuck to those. I dug the harmony parts, though. Harmonies always add life to a tune. I would go back and redo the melodies and build on that strong intro.
Extra Credit: Bass, Mood, Originality.
- bluoma Ashtabula, Ohio March 19th, 2005

Nice gentle movement
like the sound of this one, kinda gentle with a hounting melody. Not sure why but low res version doesn't seem to be working Might want to check it out. Otherwise cool sound, guitars very relaxing - - tony123145 March 14th, 2005

Flies on Oranges reviews ^

Composed in 1979, re-arranged in 2005, influences: Zappa, Neil Young
[Instrumental Rock Charts: #4 out of 139 (#98 out of 1 225) on 28.12.05]
[Best Mood in instrumental Rock, week of 12.12.05]
[Best Drums in instrumental Rock, week of 12.12.05]
[Track of the Day on 17.12.05]

Shut up and play your guitar
Frankie has really left his mark and this makes me happy. Zappa is everywhere here and somehow mixes with Santana (who Frank hated!) Isn't trat funny? Well, time goes on and we all have a legacy to carry on. Great tribute to those great minds. Thanks.
- simonshack from Rome, Italy

This is a great instrumental!
This is an excellent piece of music. Both the playing and the prodction are top notch. Tasteful with a hint of showiness, very nice. The main melody reminds me of The Derek and the Dominoes song "Bell Bottom Blues" while the rest of the song rubs up against Steely Dan without ever becoming slavishly imitative. My only gripe is that it bogs down towards the end and starts to wander aimlessly. The false ending was bit unnecessary too, but the overall impression the song leaves is very positive. Favored Nations, where are you?
- hansgen from Lisbon, Maryland

daydream into mainstream
dreamy, mellow melodic rock, symphonic at the edges, reminding slightly of the moody blues, but that wouldn´t exactly describe it, möre like a doped up type of santana guitar-almost easy suggestion: more bass & more distortion
- BITCHFINGA Hamburg, St.Pauli, Germany December 12th, 2005

Cool original piece
Nice loping 6/8. Moves into 12/8 for a spell Production's a little shoddy but I like the originality of the song. I think the parts could mesh a little better (bass is too hot in the mix and the guitar melody isn't defined enough). The fade out and in is a little gimicky. Overall a good tune
- gerardlock Santa Rosa, California December 11th, 2005

Starts with a nice relaxed feel. I like the chord structure in its complexity. This song has a flow to it that takes me somewhere.
- rara_avis, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia December 10th, 2005

radiohead style drumming and satriani style guitaring. its all good and jiggy, just nothing new. the guitar reminds me of hill of the skull by satch. its all very nice and at least there isn not a hint of cheesy 80s 808 drum samples. im lking the rythm of the peice it grabs me in th head. well done people. the production is ncie, but the bass should be more bassy, less trebely and high in the mix. Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Melody, Mood.
- Apotropaic December 10th, 2005

Thats serious!
I like the idea of making such music but i want more dynamics in see its kind of empty. i like the performance level. Be inspired...
Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass, Mood, Originality.
- efremovnikolay December 9th, 2005

VERY nice- start. Reminds me a littly of hendrix. I love the changes how well thought out it is compared to the last one. The guitarist has a lot of responcibility to hold with that big sound. The back ground guitar is pretty damn quiet-- I wonder if thats intentional. Very cool jam 2 listen to if your reviewing my review dont just skip. I like the end- nice toutch.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Mood.
- catsjam Wenatchee, Washington December 9th, 2005

Mid Range
Unique chord changes. Very unpredictable. The guitar soloing reminds me of Zappa, tone and all. I like the false fade ending.
- papaearwig Los Angeles, California December 8th, 2005

Nice and melodic
I like the lead gtr and drums. Nicely written song. The mix needs some work. I think I hear a cool keyboard part going on...Maybe increase the tempo a notch or two....
- mad_doggy_20_20 Parker, Colorado December 8th, 2005

Nice song
Very rocky like sound, lovely distortions on guitars and general progression, lacks a bit of production techniques and profffessionalism,e but song is interesting and captivating...
- hadrienvicedo Geneva, Switzerland December 7th, 2005

Pretty good
This has some good ideas, and interesting chord changes, but it's not finished sounding. I think it is a great demo, with fine drums, bass, and guitars, but the overall mix sounds a little distorted. The piano gets plinky in places.
- Doglover Tallahassee, Florida December 7th, 2005

lost interest
Just not enough going on to keep me interested, whether it was coming from the right speaker or the left. To me, this just sounded like a "let the tape roll, and we'll see what happens". You can definately play, no argument there, but when the song stops for a little 6 second that where you missed a note (?) and then comes back for a few this a final take?
- millerrocks December 6th, 2005

Jazz or Fuzz
This song has a lot of different things going on. It's a little jazzy and retro sounding. Old Jeff Beck at times. The sounds were ok. The guitar is a little thin sounding and not always in time. The band otherwise performed decently. The drums and bass were cool. The ending was kinda sudden and then it comes back. I don't know if that's cool or not.
- LungButter Paramus, New Jersey December 6th, 2005

Great themes!
Mix is a little muddy. I'd like a little more separation and compression in there. But let's not dwell on that. Very cool riff with some very cool chord changes! Nice jazzbo stuff. Spaces you leave at the end of phrases are very nice. They give a chance to hang into your groove before moving on. Your bass player does very well. I think I'd like a little more attack on his sound, but he adds well to the harmonic structure w/o overly noodling. Same with your drummer. Lead guit work is very good. I like your choice of tone. I lose a bit of the guit in the background. It's too far back, I think. This sound reminds me of some of the jazzier stuff by 24/7 Spyz, if maybe a few less notes. The break is not as tight as the rest of the song, maybe partly b/c the guit in the background is very unclear. The fake ending doesn't do much for me. It sort of comes back in at the same level and doesn't justify itself. I think you could get to that final riff and fadeout without the fake fade. Nice job!
- REPUBLiCKiNS, Brooklyn, New York, December 5th, 2005

You have a unique sound. This sort of blurs boundaries between instrumental rock and jazz... but I'm sure the jazz crowd would frown on your distorted tone, which is really good, btw. This is a really imaginative composition. Well, at 1:50 it gets a little cluttered with the overdubs.... i.e. the rhythm gets hard to discern. Hmmm... the rhythm seemed to change, but it seemed a bit off. You're a really talented composer. This is very interesting indeed!
Extra Credit: Originality.
- klinejp Mobile, Alabama December 4th, 2005

Good beat
Nice sort of jazzy rock flow to this. Guitar reminds just a hair of Santana meets Jeff Beck or something. Well played guitar parts, good marks there. This is good background music, my onlycomplaint is that in some parts it seems the twin guitar leads are tripping over each other and it sounds a wee bit cacaphonous, but mybe that's what you're going for. Pretty good, better than I can play.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Beat.
- ericcongdon December 4th, 2005

Independant Artists Company (IAC)
So Many Fantastic Colours KIAC Internet Radio
This is a guitar instrumental piece with a bit of a nod to Zappa's compositional style. The arrangement is what really sells this song. Actually, it does remind me a bit of "Sofa". Really well played.

added to station 4/17/2007 10:58:16 PM

Floydian Trip KIAC Internet Radio (IAC)
Stef Vanstiphout is an artist from Belgium. He doesn''t seem to come around here much but I wish he would. His music is great. He also has a band called Mute Albino. This one's a bit jazzy but I can hear some very Pink tones in the axe grinding.

added to station 4/4/2008 2:16:52 AM

Welcome to my Head reviews ^

Composed in 2006 (Mind: The "" version these reviewers have been ranking is a low resolution previous mix, I erroneously uploaded the wrong version.
The version above is the definite mix!). Entered contest: june 23, 2006.
[Instrumental Rock Charts: #52 out of 146 (#364 out of 1 491) on 1 july 06]

Big sounds
Love the volume swells to start, this song tells a story and has wonderful elements, just wish I could hear the bass. The soloing is good, reminds me of Ritchie Blackmore.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Production, Melody, Mood, Originality.
- faithside June 24th, 2006

Like that intro
cool intrumental overall. I'd like to hear just a tad more punch on the drums. There's some cool drum stuff going on at 1:13. Kinda reminds me of some Neal Schon tune from Electric World. Some nice things going on in the bass as well. Guitars are cool, though some of the unison bends are just slightly missing. A minor thing but I noticed it. Overall it's workin', might just like to hear a clearer mix, sounds like all the parts are there though. Nice one.
Extra Credit: Guitars, Drums, Bass.
- TIMTOZ Laurel Springs, New Jersey June 24th, 2006

good changes
very nice changes in the intro. different and interesting. however when the form starts over that i think you need a melody over it. I liked the rhythmic break down around 1:12 or so. interesting sound over all, i liked the mix of guitars
- SarahESchachner, Boston-Massachusetts, June 25th, 2006

Great melody
THe melody and mood are great. Very interesting song. Plus you know to keep it short and sweet, bonus points for that. So many put songs on here that are over 6 minutes and I just cant keep my interest up on 99% of them. Great arrangement and very creative. Skillful playing on the guitar and skillfull songwriting.
- mad_doggy_20_20 Hollywood, California June 28th, 2006

Big full sound-
Like the weaving together of the guitars, good tones, could only hear the first 53 seconds,
sounded good.
- WichitaSweeney Wasilla, Alaska June 28th, 2006

flashy and dreamy
cool intro, guitar sounds weird but nice. i like it so far, the drums bring it to life a bit more, the steve vai feel is cool, not too cheesy but 80s enough. alot of melody but technique, sounds like it would be good for a video game or something
- justo San Antonio, Texas June 28th, 2006

Coolest Chill-Out Track
1. groovy guitars.
2. Like the rhythm of the song...
3.Awesome Feel A real groovy song on the whole
Extra Credit: Mood, Coolest Chill-Out Track.
- asian_heat June 28th, 2006

Not bad
Nice use of melody between the intertwining guitars. Drums could use a bit more room verb on them to make em set in the track a bit the change at 1 min in comes out of nowhere and doesn't make too much sense. THis is good searching film music. There's some distortion on the left channel around 1:50 actuially through a lot of the track after that
- thebrothersdimm Pasadena, California June 30th, 2006

Very steady drums, with decent fills in appropriate places. The guitar is a little sloppy in arrangement and playing as is the bass. I'm not all that into the tonal/harmonic content of the song either. It is half way decent but needs alot of work.
- intervalkid Oak Island, North Carolina July 1st, 2006

Nice Intro
Guitar is very mysterious. Grabs you right into the song. nice job. keyboard has a nice lead up to the lead melody. Melody is very catchy. It keeps my atention the whole time. Drums are rocking. there are recorded very nice and they keep awsome time. Production is perfect. Its sounding great. It really brings out the quality in this song. Great Job and Keep it up!
Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Melody, Mood.
- waynesworld7590 Albuquerque, New Mexico July 2nd, 2006

I liked the dynamics on this tune...the delayed accoustic intro was a picturesque dreamscape. The section that followed developed the theme nicely - especially liked the harmonized guitars and the way they sat in the mix. They weren't playing the typical 3rd or 5th up, they were playing independent lines that really complimented each other. To my ears, when the drums kicked in with the groove for the B section(with the samples in the background) the groove seemed a little ackward, like it was a counterpoint against the established groove of the previous sections. That coulda been done for effect - but maybe the tambourine added in that section made it just a little too different sounding. In all, good tune that was well done.
Extra Credit: Originality.
- lidpeeler Dallas, Texas July 7th, 2006

Not engaging enough
This has too much of an 80's feel to it. Not my cup of tea.
- thespacecraft7 Houston, Texas July 5th, 2006

good sound
Nice sound in the intro. It just takes off in a different direction. All the stuff with the two guitarlines against (or with) each other is fine and to me sounds like a second intro. after that at 0:48 there should be the melody played with more confidence, some "now this is it" statement. The melody itself is rather strong there so try to play it that way or add something to make it stronger, other guitars etc. sometimes its not possible to hear whats impro and whats the main theme. At 1:04 the idea is ok, but the drums should be tight there. to me the whole thing is a bit to lingering, try to make clear statements, make shure "this is a theme" or "this is a solo"
- CUTHEAD Winterthur, Zh July 5th, 2006

Cool vibe.
This tune reminds me of U2 at times as well as some of Dream Theaters mellower stuff at times. I would say this song falls into a ambiance type of genre. The kind of music you put on in the background to relax. Good job.
- ScottKroeker In The Woods, Manitoba, Canada July 3rd, 2006

i like it
i really like the guitar there just so mellow but yet so soothing and its really nice then all the instruments come in and its just great really is good job and keep working
Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass, Production, Melody, Best Feel Good Track.
- terencetml Fair Lawn, New Jersey July 3rd, 2006

Layer Cake
I liked the intro of this track but it starts to get a little thick as it builds. There are a lot of guitar parts to take in which makes it a little confusing at times as to which part should be dominant. Nice Chris Squire bass tone at 1:12! Melody is catchy, and drums are well played.
- CaptainSonic Oakland July 7th, 2006

i really like how this track is laid down. really smooth transitions i wish there were more of them. the single noted guitar lines sound well placed and really carry the song. I do feel as if the drummer would rather take a nap than play the beat to this though, let him add some more fills.
- theprophetmoses Clayton, North Carolina July 8th, 2006

Layer cake
nice intro,lots of layers to disect.all the different sections of the song blended well from one to another.the mix seemed a little crowded but not bad.the guitar tones were all very good.a cool bass run here and there for good measure.the only real bummer was the length of the song.i felt it deserved an ending as creative as the rest of the song.
Extra Credit: Production.
- axxeman6 Aiken, South Carolina July 9th, 2006

And The World Is Flat reviews ^

Composed in 2006

very cool stuff ya got here. i think the gate might be too touchy though. as the white noise in the beginning tends to cut in and out. just nit picking *) i really liked it when it broke out ... off to listen to more from you :) peace, rob

Your tune has great potential for some hevy-duty rock effects mixing. The compostion is way cool.

Walter Moorlandt
I'm a sucker for smart rythm changes, although I never did this myself. This is an other great tune of yours. If this is just in a sketch stage, I wonder what the final song will sound like. Sounds very pro to my ears already.

Rocha Malhada
Broke that all up an didn't lose step. Really cool stuff, here man. Welcome to MacJams!

Scott Carmichael
Song contruction.... you really think authenticly in the Prog Rock genre... It stays interesting, but your songcraft outpaces your production just a bit... an honest nit-pic... the guitar is out of tune sometimes.. and the guitar sound/placement doesn't quite match the environment... it sounds a bit one dimentional, what I mean by that is that it sounds like you are plugging and playing over your computerized song construct, instead of creating a believable soundscape...
I hate it when my first comment sounds so critical... but I've learned so much from guys here that are willing to be honest, and you sound like a very serious musician, so please understand ... deepest respect here and welcome, you obviously bring alot to the table here;

like someone else said when everything breaks out its awesome nice rythem, keep the songs coming

Bad Smells
a smorgasbord you have here. A very promising sketch. Especially enjoyed the slightly detuned guitars causing a sweet dissonance. Nasty/tasty. Sounds smooth and fluent as is to my ears. Some work on placement and dynamics should round this out nicely. Great stuff!

Elsie's Philosophy reviews ^

Composed in 2007
Entered contest: july 23, 2007.
[Instrumental Rock Charts: #27 out of 90]
Best Production in Progressive Rock, week of 5 Nov 2007

Beautiful + intelligent + mesmerizing = 5/5
Cool...sounds like a harpsichord (?) at the beginning. LOVE the bottom end produced by drums and bass -- very, very cool and magnetizing. The guitar bends over the post-intro remind me of the feeling I get from "Estranged" from Use Your Illusion II (though I don't feel that it's derivative). Awesome electric guitar sound that comes in around 1:16 or so. Okay, I'm 2 minutes in and there's nothing I don't like. Evokes a lot of emotion, changes often enough to consistently hold my interest. There seems to be intelligence behind every part of the creation. I'd like to have a copy of this for when I'm alone and driving all night, and that's a high compliment -- this is not background music, but something that I would feel comfortable allowing into my personal world. Cool and unexpected change in minute 4:00, then "back to business", and I'm still not bored. Cool outro -- love the backwards stuff. The band/artist seems to have placed himself/herself/themselves into the appropriate genre. I have no reason not to give 5/5.
Reviewed by: nathan_totten from Generic Town, Generic State

Nice old school progressive rock
Nice instrumental tune. Reminds me of old school progressive rock. Nice arrangement, the synth really gives it that extra touch that takes me back in time. For this kind of song, I would have added more reverb on the lead guitar since it is doing nice slow passages that remind me of David Gilmour Great mood, great tune Nice change at minute 4:20, great comeback, and excellent way to end the song, totally unexpected, it is exactly what I'm looking for when listening to progressive rock, crazy experimentation.

Well Well...
The intro is intriguing to certain degrees with the multiple instrument usage. The panning of the drums got pretty annoying and the snare was way too quiet. Guitar was very good and simple, which is exactly what this song. It did drag on a little long though, maybe you should prioritize your material and use it wisely. good job! Extra Credit: Keyboards, Production, Originality. - salinewindows Higley, Arizona November 4th, 2007

twisted method<
great job drums kick ass< rhythm is solid< some cool licks< the hook is a lot better than the verse< maybe by taste? all in all< i"d be proud of it> Extra Credit: Guitars, Production, Most Rocking Track. - Npassionband Lehigh Acres, Florida November 4th, 2007

Pink Floyd like beginning
The guitarsound at the beginn reminds me on Pink Floyd. Good production. All in all a song with nothing to suspend! There is a band that let the song time to arise! Not one of theese "I'm the fastest" player bands!
razzi November 5th, 2007

Yeah, soothing
I like the intro,but the synth needs to come up more,it gets lost.Guitar comes in great.Pretty neat song.
PolarScoop Durban, South Africa November 7th, 2007

pink floyd?
the beginning reminds me the very old pink floyd - well done, nice! although pf did manage to avoid the 2-chord-solos; at some moments sounds too constructed - but who did not like it in the 60s -70s? ;¬)
LUXUS Luxembourg, Eislek, Luxembourg November 9th, 2007

Guitar escapism
Quite clinical feel on this one; somewhat reminiscent of old Pink Floyd, but slightly marred by too strict a tempo. It probably would help to work a bit on the tempo-track in the midi-editor. Usually working with a raw take of e.g. rhythm guitar for ajusting the overall tempo does the trick. As it is, there is a distinct lack of breathing in it. But all that aside, it´s quite fun that people keep up the legacy of the greats, and especially today it feels important that stuff like this still gets produced. With a little bit of tweaking this could be great listening.
OlderBeck Ekenäs, Drowsiness, Finland November 18th, 2007

I would probably like this if it had been a real band and not just a bunch of midi programming with a guitar laid on top of it... Overall, I am sure it would sound great, but the big thing that is bugging me is how much that lead guitar sounds like some other song that slips my mind at the moment... Oh well, good start, just keep working at it and post up a real band version as soon as you get one recorded... I am sure it will rock for sure...
theredbloods Huntington, West Virginia November 25th, 2007

Pink Floydy
Yeah, I like this. The overall mood is very pink floyd, and at the same time the melody is very reminiscent of a Frank Zappa song whose name escapes me now. The guitars are well played, the tones are good and well executed. The drummer has great dynamic, its hard to find a drummer whos willing to keep things this low key, and actually put effort into spacing rather than wild fills and whatnot, so great discretion is used on the drums. The production is low key, its obvious you did this in Garageband when the chiming symbal loop comes in, ive heard that one before haha. But otherwise, there's some good songwriting here, and whether it intentionally imitates Floyd or Zappa or whatever, I like it because not alot of artists do that these days. Extra Credit: Mood.
ShotShotShot Rensselaer, New York November 28th, 2007

I really like this song. It carries a great mood from start to finish. The instruments are very well programmed and played. The lead guitar is a little too loud in the mix for my tastes, or the mix is too soft overall for the lead... Other than that, i really like the track. Extra Credit: Keyboards.
brentvee Pretoria, South Africa November 29th, 2007

Seventies Revisited
Good track, the classic prog rock mood is there. Pianos, guitar lines, low drums (could have a bit more power), but a interesting track for our days. That 70s mood is not easy to remake without sounding 'too dated', it could be an unreleased average track of the good days of Genesis... I liked. Extra Credit: Mood.
Polemos Rio De Janeiro, Rio, Brazil December 3rd, 2007

This really catches fire... 08/04/07 - 09:25:15 AM
...when the electric lead guitar comes in...And the tone, the phrasing and the attack in the solo section are impeccable... That retro sounding synth line is very cool, too, somewhere between old Floyd, Paul McCartney and some of Pete Townshend's demos... Neat use of the backwards effect at the ending... I continue to love the intertwining lines, whether synth against piano, or piano against harpsichord, or synth against electric guitar... A much improved mix... I love the grit and edge, the sheer bite of the electric guitar. Much more life than many over-processed prog bits down through the years, but while still maintaining a sweetness... Some of the sustaining and backwards bits in the ending make a nod in the direction of Fripp, but while retaining their own individuality... Some of the choppier double-stops really spice up the piece, too... Almost a Neil Young primitivism in the attack, but again keeping that great melodic feel... I'll have to compare this with the one that first caught my ear, but in memory at least, this is much improved... Nice stately bed of piano throughout... The odd bridge/breakdown bit has gotten smoother and smoother... it's still something to wake up the tune, but it's a little less jarring, more appropriate to the song as a whole... Love those hints of pick-up noise... Still love the ending... Each iteration gets smoother, but without losing the essential edge that makes this tune stand out... Especially in the electric guitar parts and Seventies style synth... I'm probably just imagining things... On this listen, for whatever reason, I'm hearing more definition in the bass... I think on my first listen the bass seemed woolier, not so definitely a separate instrument... Heh, heh... Still really enjoying this... of course, you ARE filling up my hard drive with progressively better mixes.... Should I download this one, or wait for the next? I listened to the previous ones a lot on headphones, and, since I'm on vacation now, I'm listening to this one over speakers... What is standing out for me in listening to this version over the speakers is the bite and presence of the electric guitar... It's really right in my lap... I continue to enjoy the combination of sophisticated and primitive in the lines and the attack... It ends up being a kind of sophisticated that is still exciting, not 'mannered' or contrived... Gosh. Where is everyone on this one? I continue to think that this should be a huge MacJams hit...

Broad Sweeps 08/04/07 - 02:56:49 PM peacepiano
This number descrbes itself very clearly. I enjoy listening to your playing, and you didn't cover your efforts with a lot of over production. Great song. Thanks

08/04/07 - 03:30:36 PM thetiler
cool variations in that piano, like the harpsichord effect in the beginning. Nice guitar lead too. Lots of work seem to have gone on with this.

08/05/07 - 03:45:47 AM dolby
Get're actually Dave Gilmour in disguise aren't you? You really can play that guitar! Excellent stuff, straight from the Dark Side:-))

08/05/07 - 03:48:29 PM Moviz
So...listenable. Love the great lead and the variations in instrument/ mood, but the ending? Well I liked the backward effect a lot apart from the sudden final whack,

The Mole's Vision reviews ^

Composed in 2006
Entered contest: july 2007.
[Instrumental Rock Charts: #58 of 87 in Progressive Rock on 28Dec2007]
Best Bass in Progressive Rock, week of 12Nov2007

Cool ? 01/05/07 - 09:42:14 PM
Another new jammer doing jazzy stuff. First one of your tunes I've heard. Your guitar and bass playing are first class. Thanks for sharing and Welcome to macjams

I'm not sure where you got the title... ? 01/06/07 - 09:46:42 AM
but the guitar playing is good, and the the piano is nicely tucked in, too. I like your space at the ends of phrases - at first i wasn't so sure, but it works. Likewise, I like the synth break and the vocal bit near the end. Welcome to MacJams kristyjo

This rocks my socks.
Nice movements from section to section, and bold arrangement of synth, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. I like. Reminds me of T.S.O.L.'s Beneath the Shadows in a funk-jazz style. Encore,
-g gregd

poor mole... ? 01/20/07 - 04:37:30 AM
...plastic sucks, but how we rely on it.... (!?! Lovely toon, Thank You! alfalpha Vibin Pretty trippy tune here guys. It really takes you on a trip. I liked it a lot. Good intrumentation and vibe.
Reviewed by: TheWarned from Huntington Beach, California

This sounds like 70's art rock to me. Something in the vain of Yes when they're jamming with perhaps a bit of Return to Forever's jazz element added in. The feel changes up enough to maintain interest which is crucial in an instrumental piece. I wish the drums were louder and it throws my off when the chimes come in so much louder than the rest of the percussion. Cool bass break at the end and I'm always a fan of analog sounding synths.
Reviewed by: Todd_Evans from Sidney, New York

The song works
The piano work is great. Together with the guitar, the song works. The drummer does what he has to do, not really good. but the guitar, man, I love the guitar, synths and piano work.
emireal Zell Am See, Austria December 17th, 2007

Relaxed and Funky
Listening to this, right off the top of my head, makes me think lobby music with some sick guitar solos. It's almost like something out of the old monopoly game for the PC, but remixed with some nice guitar work. And that's a good thing in my opinion. The song creates a mixed atmosphere, giving a laid back piano and simply drum beat and a schreeching guitar at the same time. It's sortof like a rocker's lullaby, when I think of it. It's rock enough to make it still badass, but kinda relaxing that it'd put you out. I guess that's the only flaw too, that it does kinda bore after a while, though I found the random dialogue (I do the same thing) and the nice bass solo at the end pretty well done. Extra Credit: Guitars, Keyboards, Mood, Originality, Coolest Chill-Out Track.
Al_Azar Saukville, Wisconsin December 16th, 2007

all right
very slow nice but slow groove it took awile to get into. i didnt realy like the tone of the guitar nice ending
cainstreet San Diego, California December 6th, 2007

Vibin Pretty trippy tune here guys.
It really takes you on a trip. I liked it a lot. Good intrumentation and vibe.
TheWarned Huntington Beach, California December 6th, 2007

nice progressive track. The piano and guitar timing sounds a bit off to me. Otherwise its a good track from start to finish.
brentvee Pretoria, South Africa December 3rd, 2007

timing at the sea
some interesting new age sounds, but the timing was not too tight between the programmed and played bits, this was irritating. not the best use of effects either. a good attempt at something original no doubt, but it just didnt make the cut. Extra Credit: Guitars, Best Potential Movie Soundtrack.
Methaqualone London, United Kingdom December 3rd, 2007

You manage to get a cool prog rock sound that reminds me of ELP and Genesis instrumentals. I like the bass groove in the "verse." Keys sound low tech, but they add to the retro 80s prog feel of the song. Every change flows well, and your guitar and keyboard melodies are good. Nice job overall. Extra Credit: Guitars, Programming, Mood, Best Feel Good Track.
KeeganMK New York November 26th, 2007

very old school in feel, yet still progressive enough to be considered so. I dig the sound and I think this is the kind of music record labels should look for. Extra Credit: Guitars, Originality, Grooviest Rhythm.
agfrost05 Huntington, West Virginia November 23rd, 2007

zappa soundet
Nice melodies. On the one or other place the guitarsound reminds on frank zappa! The Bassline could have more alternations.
razzi Germany November 12th, 2007

Wow....Bass is cool!
It's been a while since I've heard a bass tone that I liked. Sounds like a (Ric)bass. Hate to tell you, but the guitar is a little out of tune. The piece has good elements and I like the synth sect. that's what really brings in the progressive style to me. the production is ok, could be eq'd better. Keep the bass as is though, sounds like my old bassist. Keep it up Extra Credit: Bass.
forestcrawler01 New Haven, Connecticut November 8th, 2007

This sounds like 70's art rock to me. Something in the vain of Yes when they're jamming with perhaps a bit of Return to Forever's jazz element added in. The feel changes up enough to maintain interest which is crucial in an instrumental piece. I wish the drums were louder and it throws my off when the chimes come in so much louder than the rest of the percussion. Cool bass break at the end and I'm always a fan of analog sounding synths.
Todd_Evans Sidney, New York November 7th, 2007

Sweet.. tuneful..
reminds me of some kind of sweet Jimmy Page solo meeting the background music to a good video game... or Jaco Pastorius with a restrained John Scofield.. the whole Weather Report thing.. Its quite a nice smooth sounding progression to hear as well.. I'll bet it would be a fun one to play in a band... Extra Credit: Guitars, Bass, Mood, Originality.
cormack Pewaukee, Wisconsin November 5th, 2007

Very cool...
Very cool changes between time signatures... there were some parts this could use a bit of tightening up, but overall this was really good!
stinkystinkstink Coppell, Texas November 5th, 2007

Very full...
Well the first thing that I caught was that you guys should definatly check the tempo on some areas, it varies and makes it sound sloppy. The production is pretty good, I think that the piano could be louder and the guitar less. The drums also did not sound clean enough... too much buzz. It is a very good instrumental that incorporates lots of different instruments (a very good thing). Really good bass, maybe a little overpowering and soloey at times. All in all, pretty good song, check the mix though and get that click solid. Extra Credit: Bass, Originality, Grooviest Rhythm.
salinewindows Higley, Arizona November 4th, 2007

Zetafreuh reviews ^

Composed in 2006

Yeah ! ? 01/15/07 - 05:36:49 PM
This is nice... really nice ! Makes me smile, I don't know why.

Backwards and forwards ? 01/16/07 - 12:33:01 PM
Oo, this could be my favorite of yours so far. Really liked the additions of backward flute like sounds. I really like your stuff. I'm quickly becoming a fan...

...of your guitar playing... ? 08/08/07 - 08:34:20 PM
I'm really enjoying the tunes I've listened to these past two days... This could be a showpiece/advertisement for that Epiphone LP... and whatever you're running it through... The tone you're getting is completely to my taste... Another very enjoyable tune...

Interplay ? 08/10/07 - 09:02:56 AM
Bizarre ending, but I love the 6/8 feel, the bass textures, the improvisational floating and joyful attitudes throughout. This is a fabulous track for a prog album. I really enjoyed this.

Great tune... ? 08/10/07 - 03:00:34 PM
...excellent playing...builds are beautiful...couldn't ask for more. Fine stuff...Oh...nice Les Paul. Whatcha drinkin', anyways?

Zetafreuh v2 ? 08/11/07 - 04:26:00 AM
Impressive guitar work ..Groovey !!

Good Sound ? 08/15/07 - 04:44:26 PM
Great sound on this track. Still a good tune. Thanks

Paris In Veil reviews ^

Composed in 2009

Reggie_Pole said 43 days ago (May 16th, 2009)
Paris in Veil
Everything sounds good and works together well, even the piano and distorted guitar. How did you do the drums? Sounding good and proggy. Clever beat changeups, which I always like. Cool guitar work. Nice!

Ed Hannifin said 43 days ago (May 16th, 2009)
It's really great... hear your guitar playing... I am trying to imagine the drummer that could navigate these drum parts... Maybe Barriemore Barlow... maybe Bill Bruford... MAYBE.... Really interesting...Nice guitar tones and guitar lines...
Welcome back!

DeathArrow said 42 days ago (May 17th, 2009)
very progressive !!

i like all the changes !!
and the instrumentation !
the guitar-solo is terrific !
cheers, Luke

egobandit said 42 days ago (May 17th, 2009)
hoppin cool change ups, like the piano in this. Very creative and of course top notch guiar! cool ride thanks!

Sigmund said 42 days ago (May 17th, 2009)
You have some interesting things going on here. Very cool chord progressions with interesting changes. Decent guitar work - nice solos and you have a pretty cool lead tone as well. Your choice of rhythm certainly gives it a fast pace - I might suggest mixing that up just a bit - this tune would be a worthy slow paced song as well. There is a lot of potential here for a truly great instumental piece - nice work - thank you for sharing this.

Feter said 42 days ago (May 17th, 2009)
Paris In Veil
This is cool and sure a real trippy song ...I liked your chords sequence ..
very nice guitar ....nice licks ..very creative ...loved the feel here ...
thnx alot for sharin !!!!

Calchas said 40 days ago (May 19th, 2009)
Wowie dude! Cool drums and percussion. Really great guitar work throughout.
Big fat prog-rock sound. Enjoyed immensely!
Be well friend!

Duane Liedahl
Joined: 05 Oct 2007
Posts: 153
Location: Bay Area, California

Very enjoyable
especially Paris in Veil, which has a bit of a harder edge (and that's what I like). No information provided on either tune as to what was involved in making these. Is this a one-person show? What did you play, etc? You are skilled in the ways of prog. Welcome!

MacIDOL Star
Location: Betwixt between the east n west

Very impressive. Welcome to MacIdol
Man that was a big sound with great mixing and playing.
And while I liked both tracks I did prefer Simmetria Francese better.


The Waiting Room reviews ^
Composed in 2009

The Waiting Room
I m enjoying this production so much ...true I dont feel ok with the synth
drums ...but the whole arrangement with the bass ..awesome orchestration work
this is awesome ...its like a sound track for a short documentary ...
it has an old EU feel for it ...sure would love to hear a real fiddle
but your arrangement really so creative ..just wonderful ...thnx alot
for sharin !!!!
thnx alot for sharin !!!!
Feter said 9 days ago (June 19th, 2009)

Really does have that....
McCartneyesque, borrowed from Brian Wilson, sensibility in the bass, which I like....
The guitar work is reminding me of something/someone, too, but I'm not coming up with it...
You've got great melodic and harmonic instincts....
Ed Hannifin said 21 days ago (June 7th, 2009)

very cool
great changes, composition and craftly orchestrated.
Vic Holman said 21 days ago (June 7th, 2009)

If only
all waiting rooms would play interesting music like this
Very moving piece. I especially liked the tubular bells (?) touch at the end. Although it faded rather quickly.
And the piano movements were very tasty. At one point and I can't seem to tell what it is you are playing but it gives the song a lot of drive.
Nicely done,
Posted: 20 Jun 2009 09:49